dreamers welcome

bad for my body.. miss you Linds!

Let’s build a home…

Six String Pistol

You and your six string pistol

And me with my unread mail mountain
Beneath the floorboards
In our fine tuned chaos..
Dream up new walls with sound tight detail 
And mystical gardens guarded by locust split rails
One dream at a time
Held together by guitar strings, chocolate bars and lobster love
This delicate dance
This fragile flicker
And I can still hear your violent melodic whisper…
"Let them hate us
What do they do?
Do they create anything?”
I do believe we could conquer the world
Or at least, create a new one
© Meghan La Roque 2013




For this is my quest, to follow the star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right, without question or pause, to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.

doodle fun

doodle fun

a rose colored view

a rose colored view

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there is so much wind, no rain, and a distant roar on the horizon
i love this feeling…

the air is wet and I can smell the scent of lilies drifting up the stairs
the curtains dance just above my peripheral
third world in a storm on the brink
it’s uncontrollable… this feeling
the highs and the lows
like surfing in a brilliant crest without a board
and as the high notes soar, I feel safe
what a perfect moment
the first of the rain is dropping, building… now an echo
inconsistent on the roof… the drain pipes
hot pavement
i think of sleep…want to swim
need rest but am moved to dance
all is in sync
Ali Farke Toure…. growing… soaring
the ocean on all sides
and next
the sun will rise

meghan la roque © 2008